Testimonial 6

Posted On July 6, 2016

“Of the several plumbing companies that I called, Frook plumbing was the only one willing to look at my [sump pump] and try to give me an estimate for work that I could afford. On January 16, 2015, Steve came out to assess the problem and answer my questions. I also asked Steve to fix the toilet in the master half-bath that had been ghost flushing for months… Steve was very polite, answering my questions without making me feel like a dolt for asking. He fixed the toilet and gave me some advice to check the old battery on my backup sump pump to make sure it was not the problem instead of the pump itself.

Over the next few weeks, I determined that the battery was holding a charge, but was still unsure how long it would last since it was quite old…I scheduled another appointment with Steve to see what he could do. Upon arrival, Steve called his supplier and was able to get the same (but newer) model backup sump pump, with a new marine gel battery and a digital trickle charger readout for half the cost of the water-based system.

Steve left to retrieve the parts and returned later that same morning, replacing the old equipment and making sure that it was installed and working properly before cleaning up.

I was very happy with the responsiveness of Frook Plumbing and Steve’s courteous service.”

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