Drain Cleaning

Lansing’s Drain Cleaning Experts

Clogged drains are a hassle and slow down normal routines. Drains become clogged for many reasons, including hardware malfunctions, corrosion, mineral deposits, and other substances getting stuck. Frook Plumbing has been unclogging drains for over 20 years. Our plumbers have the knowledge and experience to properly unclog drains so your sinks and tubs can drain as normal.

Drain Cleaning & Unclogging Service

If your constant application of drain cleaner isn’t doing the trick, the problem may be bigger. Our plumbers are able to unclog your drains so they are functioning again, no matter what the cause.

Drain Services:

  • Cleaning your dirty/clogged drains
  • Unclogging drain using a drain snake

Emergency Repair

Sometimes, emergencies happen and you immediately need a plumber or repairs. Lucky for you, Frook Plumbing is available after hours to handle your emergencies. Our plumbers are always ready to tackle any project, when you need it the most.

Call Frook Plumbing today (517-267-1010) to schedule a drain cleaning or unclogging appointment, or request an appointment online now.