Video Inspection

Lansing’s Sewer and Drain Video Inspection Experts

Get To The Root Cause Of Your Drain Or Sewer Backup

If you notice that your drains or sinks are backed up, it’s important to know why. Backup can be caused by a hardware malfunction, mineral buildup, corrosion, or other substances. Running a video inspection through your drain or sewer line will identify the root of the blockage and allow for repairs to be done quickly, with the best solution. Using video inspection can also save you money by identifying potential problems that could eventually cause serious damage.

How Drain Video Inspection Works

If blockage in your sinks or drains cannot be fixed by a drain cleaner, plunger, or drain auger, it’s time to get a video inspection. Our experienced and knowledgeable plumbers will run a video camera down your drains and into your sewer lines to detect the problem. With our high resolution cameras, you will be able to see in detailed walkthrough of what and where the problem stems from. This eliminates any guessing of what the root might be, and leads you to an exact solution. Frook Plumbing will provide you with the most cost and quality efficient solution, and will even run an additional video inspection after the repair to ensure the problem has been fixed.

Why Frook?

Frook Plumbing is Lansing’s sewer and drain video experts, and has been serving the needs of our commercial and residential customers for over 20 years. We are dedicated to providing quality services and reliable products that provide you with the solutions you need.

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